Alan Turing Institute Spotlight blog, Can data offer insights into decision-making and wellbeing? Turing Fellow Anya Skatova explores the potential of using transactional data in population health research,

Jean Golding Institute blog, Dr Anya Skatova, Bristol Turing Fellow, received the prestigious UKRI Future Leader Fellowship,


Shiells, K., Accessing transaction records for linkage in longitudinal cohort studies: how can researchers safeguard participants?


“Guilty repair sustains cooperation, angry retaliation destroys it” published in Scientific Reports was featured in Daily Mail.


Skatova, A., The Conversation, Don’t expect straight answers on data sharing from the firms that profit from it,

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Skatova A., The Conversation,  Arts students are motivated more by love of subject than money or future careers,

Pre-2014 (selected):

2014: Skatova, A., The Conversation, Dutch student sells his data for €350 but at what price privacy?

2013: Skatova, A., The Conversation, Hard evidence: how much is your data worth to you?