I am a behavioural scientist at the University of Bristol, UK. I study how novel digital footprint data can be used to understand human behaviour and real-life outcomes, such as health. Currently I am focusing on transaction data, specifically loyalty and banking cards, and working on realising the value of using these data to improve population health. In addition, I investigate a range of issues related to public attitudes to data sharing, prosocial behaviour and fundamental questions about individual differences in decision-making and choice.

I am a Turing Fellow at Alan Turing Institute and a UKRI Future Leader Fellow at Population Health Sciences, Bristol Medical School, University of Bristol. I obtained my BA, MSc and PhD in Psychology from Moscow State, Oxford and Nottingham universities. Prior to moving to the University of Bristol in 2017, I worked at the interdisciplinary research centre Horizon Digital Economy Research at the University of Nottingham, Warwick Business School and Warwick Manufacturing Group at the University of Warwick. Currently I lead Digital Footprints Lab which studies use of digital footrpints to understand human behaviour and health. 

I work with an extensive network of stakeholders from industry, government and third sector. I have previously led responses to government consultations, advised UK government (e.g., the Centre of Data Ethics and Innovation/Department for Sport, Media and Culture) and non-government authorities (e.g., Finance Conduct Authority), and worked with wide range of business and non-profit organisations such Office for National Statistics, Consumer Protection Charity Which?, Walgreens Boots Alliance and others.

I am always open to connect with new people, particularly to discuss research collaborations. If you are interested in a postdoc position in my lab, please send me your CV and research summary. You can contact me on anya.skatova at bristol ac uk. You can learn more about my research and Digital Footprints Lab here: http://digifootprints.co.uk